Humor! I Like it!

I'm a bit of a packrat. So long (loooong) ago, I started saving a few of the email forwards I received. Now it takes streaming video and Flash animation to elicit a chuckle, but for those nostalgic times, some of the old favorites are preserved here. Someday maybe I'll dig my PowerMac 8500 out of storage and finish reliving the pre-dot-com era.

Note that I am not the author of any of these works -- if the copyright belongs to you, please contact me and I will credit you or remove it.

Added January 18, 1997
A Bad Hair Day
Has he really earned it?
He's definitely earned this
Aren't you glad you didn't live back then?
Tastes like...
Writing for Corporate America
Dogs may be smarter than people
When I grow up...
(Even More) Interesting Facts
Another Virus Alert
Keep up with the latest linguistic trends
Independence Day was an educational film
When in Seattle...
A Marriage made in Heaven
Got Milk?
Win friends and influence people, online!
Mom always wanted to be a teacher...
New teaching methods
Misc. Bits 'o Humor
Huh? Wha'd you say?
Men of the cloth
Happy Birthday, Windows '95

Added August 17, 1996
Babbage Meets the Beatles
Corporate America learns to communicate
How not to die
Journalism at its best
The Many Moods of DOS
Social Systems Explained
And you thought I was delusional?
Stranger things have happened
Management Material
Coming soon from Tantamount Pictures
Children of a Lesser OS
TV shows I'd watch
Signs of the times
Spit and Polish
Star Trek meets Dr. Seuss
The Wright Stuff

Added July 9, 1996
Special Virus Alert
Car Humor
Looking for a job?
Need to be looking for a job?
Joey "No Parts" Bambini
Take only pictures, leave only footprints
New Scientific Frontiers
Journalism reaches new heights
Psycology is a bunch of hooey
Sometimes it takes longer than 30 minutes to get a pizza
Why I don't drink
I got another new toy!

Added June 22, 1996
Tasty American Food
What will they think of next?
Expensive Cupholders
My family isn't like this
Some Religion I Can Believe In
The journey of 10,000 miles...
A Few Meaningless Quotations
The Return of the Inquisition
How can soccer be so popular?
Techies don't change lightbulbs
Task codes from my timesheet

Added May 17, 1996
Gilbert and Sullivan meet Kernigan and Ritchie
The Future of Telecommunications
A Mac user can empathize...
The History of English
Books I Grew Up On
Mother's Day Cards
Good Crooks Are Hard to Find
Employment Opportunities

Added May 15, 1996
A difficult lesson was learned recently -- Unix likes linefeeds and not carriage returns. All of these items are now properly wrapped and paginated. Doh!
The Procrastinator's Creed
You can fool some of the people all of the time...

Added May 3, 1996
I just got a new toy!
Attendance Problem
"Its the end of the world as we know it..."
Nerd-to-English Dictionary
You might be a geek or an engineer if...
The Symphony
A few fries short of a Happy Meal

Added April 27, 1996
And you thought the government didn't do anything useful...
Email Privacy
Why some people don't go on vacation
Driving Ms. Daisy, California Style
When I'm 64
So you want a letter of recommendation, huh?
English - do you speak it?
Higher Education

Added April 10, 1996
Alien Encounter
Be glad I didn't become a teacher...
Grand Thoughts

The Originals, added April 4, 1996
An uplifting experience
Analogies never found in literature
My college application essay
Dave Barry on Bar-B-Ques
The Legend of the Bronze Rat
Computer Religion
Crisis Management Tips
Engineers and Other Hired Help
Holy Rollers
Help Desk
Kids Thoughts on Science
Last-Ditch Defense
Pavlov Revisited
Revisionist History
Dr. Seuss meets Technical Writing
Sex and Star Wars
Teachers get paid too much!
The Nature of Things